No sleep for the restless

Hoping this would be of use for fellow artists out there who wants to arrange & consolidate all of their button merchandises, or a cheaper alternative than buying multiple jewelry/bead making bins which can cost you $10 for 10-16 compartments, when you can get the same price for 8-9x more space!

This tutorial will show you how to convert a 46 compartment organizer case into a whopping 94/96! These would fit buttons less than 1.5” in diameter. I’ve used my 1.25” buttons and each slot can hold up to 5-6 buttons each!

What you need:

  • 1x 46/48 double-sided clear organizer case (Creative Options or Jammers makes them). They can be normally found either in the crafts/thread section or for Hot Wheel / Matchbox Car toys at most stores such as Amazon, Walmart, and Joann’s. Walmart seems to be the cheapest for about $9-10 bucks.

    Note - If you don’t need to add that many compartments, then you can use the Hot Wheels 48 Car Carry Case without the need to make custom dividers but they are not transparent! They normally go for $12-$14 online or at retail stores

  • 1x Sheet of foam board ( 14” x 12” or bigger)
  • Box-cutter (or whichever is easy for you to cut foam board)
  • Pen & Ruler
  • Hot glue gun (optional for 96-capacity)

Step 1: Take Measurements

Measure the following in order to create the divider: 1) longer width of the box, 2) height of the compartment from one side, 3) the lowest point of the compartment gaps. Here is my measurement that should be the same for either brand box:

  1. Width = 12 7/16”
  2. Height = 1 9/16”
  3. Gap = 3/4”

Step 2: Cut Out Divider

Cut out a piece of foam board based on the width and height measurement with the box cutter (ex: 12 7/16” x 1 9/16”)

Step 3: Mark the Gap on the Black Divider

Okay so this part is a little tricky to explain.  So since the case already have pre-built dividers, you’ll have to measure out the gap between each section in order to know how far apart to cut out in order to cut it deep enough for the black divider to fit.  I found the best & quickest way  is to put the black divider over one of the diagonal rows and press it just enough that you can see the small indentation as picture below:

Step 4: Cut Gap in Black Divider

Okay! So now that you have a marker where each gap needs to be cut out, cut out the gap 3/4” deep. The gap you are cutting should be thick enough to fit over the pre-built dividers. The divider should now look something like this:

Step 5: Place Divider Inside Case

Now your custom divider should fit right over one of the diagonal rows! If the gap you cut came out to be too wide or if the foam board is too wobbly, you can always use the hot glue gun to permanently fixed to the case.  Mines ended up being just fine!

Step 6: Create Remaining Dividers

So one divider down!  Repeat step 2 - 5 to make five more custom dividers, so there should be a total of three on one side and the other three on the other side.  As you can see in the picture below, there is one compartment that ended merged as one (in the upper center). If you prefer to convert this space into two, then just cut out an additional piece of foam board and glue the edges.

And voila, you’re done!  What’s great about this case is that you also have a handle so it’s easy to carry around!  Not only this is perfect for button storage, but this also works for charms/keychains as well! I hope people will find this handy :)

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