No sleep for the restless

Despite all the drama llama ordeal that pretty much happened at AA at Japan Expo USA, having awesome friends and free Yakult drinks everyday made this 1000%

Also, I got to know two amazing new friends introduced by Sihaya (Angie & Chelsea) who were also great house guests and very talented artists that left me a buttload of their awesome pins and print and a letter I wanted to burst out. ;A;

A shout out to Karen and AJ who were fantastic table buddies and helped bringing food and keeping an eye out on out table ;____;

Another shout out to Jet, who made these awesome Iwatobi High School embroidered patches that I was able to use for my outfit!

And got to run into other buddies like Alma, Heather, Cindy, Vespa, Nadia, Shaf, Chen, Nat, Kim & Jess and such (sorry if I happen to left out, brain tiredddd) during this con.

Seriously, if it wasn’t for seeing you guys, humming the OP/ED for Attack on Titan & Free!, and random Armin screams I would just be depressed being at this co!